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Why buy used office furniture?


Are you considering updating your office but not sure whether to purchase new or used office furniture?


Check out this weeks blog which outlines some benefits of purchasing used instead of new.

Todays world demands each of us to be much more aware of how our choices impact upon the environment. The first reason to choose used office furniture is that it is more environmentally friendly. If the desk/chair etc ends up in a landfill it will takes years upon years to break down and in fact some parts never will. It takes up a huge amount of space possibly leading to the opening of further landfills.

The more furniture that is bought second hand leads to less furniture going to the landfill. If there is more demand for new office furniture this increases our carbon footprint due to production. Think “Green” and consider second hand.

Another point to take in to consideration is the fact that very often used office furniture is often as good as new. Undoubtedly, second hand furniture will not be in as immaculate condition as new, it may have a few bumps and scratches. However, when shopping around you will most likely find that many items are just as good as new. Buying used will give you even better value for money. As sellers of used office furniture we ensure that all our used office furniture is of excellent quality and condition.

The final point to keep in mind is do you want the furniture ASAP? Often when you purchase new office furniture you will have to wait for the item to come in to stock. If you want a very swift turnaround when decorating or redecorating your office space then being able to buy and have the items delivered within a very short period of time is what you may prefer!