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Walnut Furniture arrives at Griffin Office Solutions

Without doubt, the item that most defines a room is the furniture. When considering what type of furniture one should buy factors to take into consideration would be style, colour, upholstery and of course are you considering a modern or more traditional look.

To coin the term “you get what you pay for” is certainly applicable to office furniture. The above factors of course deserve your consideration but ultimately you want to know and be sure that the furniture that you are buying will last the course. Therefore, when looking at office furniture you should consider the following;

Is the furniture durable?

What is the furniture actually made from?

Does it have a visual appeal that will not tire?

There is of course a material that ticks all the above boxes. It is timeless, extraordinarily durable and quite simply put, visually stunning – it has to be walnut.

Stay tuned to our next blogs where we will discuss what exactly walnut is and give you an insight into why it is such a highly desirable material!

In the meantime check out this stunning executive walnut desk just in! For enquiries please email the office at [email protected]


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