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The main Features of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair – Tilt Limiter

Hello and welcome to the fifth blog in our series of “The main Features of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair”. I hope you found our last four blogs – on using the forward tilt lever, getting the correct seat height, lumbar support and getting the right arm height helpful! Today, I will be taking you through the fifth of six key features of the Herman Miller Aeron chair, that being using the tilt limiter. 

It allows you to select the tilt range of the Aeron so you are not “stuck” in just one position while you are seated.

When should I use it?

Engage the lever when you want to either sit in an upright position or a slightly reclined position.

Where is the tilt limiter?

The tilt limiter is located on the left hand side of the Aeron. It is the rear lever.

How do I use it?

To limit the tilt range, while seated, recline back as far as you like. Move the lever upwards to set the limit of chair recline. Readjust as you deem necessary.

How do I release the tilt limiter?

To release the limiter, while seated, lean forward on your chair and press the lever down.

Any other information?

If you wish to sit in an upright position, engage the tilt limiter when the seat is in a forward or horizontal position.

I hope you enjoyed our series on the main features of the Aeron chair !

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Thank you for reading!