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The Ultimate Office Chair Part 1

 2020 has seen many switching from working in the office to working from home. Subsequently many of us have had to invest in office furniture, specifically an office chair. At Griffin Office we are stockists of the ergonomic chair the Herman Miller Aeron. Over the next few blogs I will be discussing this popular chair in detail specifically focusing on the main features of the Herman Miller Aeron chair, explaining their benefits and how they work! The Herman Miller Aeron chair has approximately five key features all of which will be discussed in the blogs in the weeks to come.

Up first in the Herman Miller Aerons forward tilt lever.

Why do you need forward tilt?

Forward tilt is usually engaged when you are performing intensive tasks such as typing on a keyboard. Engage the forward tilt on your Herman Miller Aeron Chair to support your thighs declined posture when performing task such as typing on a keyboard.

Where is the forward tilt lever on my Chair?

The forward tilt lever is the front lever on the left hand side of your Aeron chair.

How do I engage the forward tilt lever on my Chair?

While sitting on your Aeron chair lean back and lift the lever all the way up. Lean your body forward.

How do I put my Chair back to its original position?

Remain seated push the lever back down. Lean back in your chair.

Any other information?

Normally, forward tilt position is utilised with increased chair height. When you engage your forward tilt increase seat height so you sit comfortably forward. This will relax the bend of your waist, knees, and ankles. To support your back, set tilt limiter after assuming the forward position. When you are finished using forward tilt, decrease the chair height back to its original height.

Check out our very own Dermot explaining some of the key features of the Aeron chair here.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Aeron chair.