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Team building and social activities in the online era.

By 2030, the demand for remote work will increase by 30% as Generation Z will enter the workforce. Considering this point, the importance of socially connecting colleagues while working apart becomes even greater. The ongoing pandemic has curved the way for ongoing working from home practices which are sure to stay when the pandemic ends. As such, creating a community and a sense of belonging within an office whilst working remotely can pose a great challenge for all businesses.

The first step to fostering online engagement and culture building is to set out clear structure and rules for all employees that a simple and rewarding to follow.

Some ideas include:

Virtual team breakfasts/coffee breaks: set a time and day every week where you employees can chat and catch up over coffee – no work talk!

Organise team building activities – there are numerous benefits of team building events (even virtually!) they include, boosts morale, promotes collaboration, builds relationship

Start the day with a team meeting – schedule daily morning/afternoon check ins with your team. It is a great way to see how everyone is doing and hear how things are going!

Finally consider ending the work week with something fun like a Friday quiz to promote engagement and team building!