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The Herman Miller Aeron, the chair that still reigns supreme in 2019.

Inspiration for the creation of the Aeron chair

The Herman Miller Aeron chair was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick. It was first launched in 1994 at a cost of almost 1000 US dollars per chair. Stumpf and Chadwich had initially been hired by Herman Miller to investigate the potential of designing furniture for the elderly. At the time, hospitals were lacking ergonomic and practical furniture that was suitable for the long term care of elderly people. As the American population was ageing, the two designers identified an opening in the market.

“The Sarah” chair designed by the two men to fill this “gap” was completed in 1988. It addressed design features that were lacking in other models of chairs at the time. Despite the high tech function of “The Sarah” it was scrapped by the company as they needed high margin office furniture.

For a time Stumpf and Chadwich did not work with Herman Miller. A few years later however, both men were called back by Herman Miller to design a new office chair that incorporated aspects of the “Sarah” design. The objective was to produce a chair with optimum performance using minimal materials. Executives were wary of the Aeron’s “odd look” initially, but it soon became a major selling point. The two men along with Herman Miller combined their talent and knowledge in the areas of aesthetics, research and engineering to deliver what we know today as the Aeron chair.

Want to try one out for yourself?

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