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The environmentally friendly chair

The company, Herman Miller, is a pioneer in the furniture making field when it comes to the environment. Since 1991, Herman Miller has been stamping its product parts that can be recycled therefore making it easy to identify and recycle. In fact, the Herman Miller Aeron chair is comprised of two thirds recyclable material and ninety four percent of the chair can be recycled.

The message that Herman Miller voices is one of sustainability. They believe that the future quality of life for humans is very much dependant on economic strength and also an environment that is sustainable. Since setting out their environmental goals in 2004 (zero operational footprint and 100% renewable electrical energy) Herman Miller has truly surpassed itself. In 2014 the company had reduced their footprint by 91% and had transitioned to 100% electrical energy from renewable sources. Further to this Herman Miller have now set further goals in their “sustainable strategy” to be met in 2023. These goals include; Zero waste and 50% reduction in water use.

The Aeron chair is undoubtedly one of the most popular chairs on the market. Despite its striking and ergonomic design this chair is leading the way as one of the most responsible, sustainable and “green” products available for purchase. Herman Miller even provide instructions for the disassembly and recycling of the Aeron chair. Now, I can’t think of many companies that do that.

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