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The breakout area The breakout area is basically a space that encourages interaction and relaxation where employees can take a break from their work. This is very important for staff wellbeing and helps with staff retention . It is suggested that this area should ideally be located within fifty metres of the main offices so that it is easily accessible to all. Some employers may feel that it might encourage idleness with workers using it to chill and chat. However, while a well designed breakout area can have seating, it can also can have higher furniture at which workers can interact while standing up – something that workers who sit at desks all day would welcome! This functional yet relaxed area encourages discussion and creative thinking where ideas can be bandied about and who knows what that could lead to!!!! This area is also ideal for holding impromptu meetings when maybe the board room or meeting rooms are already booked up. This breakout area is often referred to as a Third Space. The term Third Space or Third Place was coined by the sociologist Ray Oldenburg in the early 1990’s in his book “The Great Good Place”. So with the prospect of increasing staff morale and productivity, why not visit our showroom or view our range of breakout furniture online at Griffin Office Solutions http://griffinoffice.ie/canteen-breakout/