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Teacher Desks


The vast majority of teachers feel they need their own desk in a classroom. Often, the main issue when it comes to desks is size. In a modern classroom teachers will have a computer or a laptop, large textbooks, student exercise copies, markers, pens etc. Second level teachers often correct assignments or projects during their so called, “free” class. Often desks are small and this makes work more difficult. If space isn’t an issue, then a desk fit for purpose is the obvious answer where clutter and searching for mislaid items will be consigned to the past! Having said that, we are all well aware of the lack of funds in most schools, so this is where we, at Griffin Office Supplies, come in.

We have a range of new and used desks in excellent condition and at very affordable prices that can transform any classroom. Come in to our showroom or view our desks online.

After that, the only issue will be where to place the desk – at the front of the room, to the side or at the back of the room?

Something like this http://griffinoffice.ie/product/3299/ would be ideal for any teacher looking to kit out their classroom!