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We continue our series on the boardroom table. In the latter blog we discussed rectangular and square tables and in this blog we will discuss round and tapered.


Round Tables

Round tables tend to signify equality as there is no special seat for the “boss”. We are told that this encourages people to be more open and forthcoming with ideas etc.

However, a round table may be difficult to fit into a rectangular room, so be mindful of the number of people that need to sit at the table making sure everyone has adequate elbow space.

Tapered Tables

These combine oval ends with a rectangular body and are a fabulous compromise between the more modern round shape and the traditional square/rectangular shape. Their softer ends, together with the practical seating space, offers the best of both worlds. The oval ends give a softer look to the room making it appear more open and inviting.


Stay tuned for our next blog where we will be discussing what we at Griffin Office Solutions have to offer in terms of boardroom tables ! Thank you for reading.