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It’s time to take a break from sitting and switch to standing in the office !

We are all becoming more aware of the negative effect that sitting for long periods of time can have on our health and with countless hours spent at our desks during the working week many people are concerned and wanting to change this sedentary lifestyle.

Simple steps to combatting sitting are encouraging staff to take the stairs, organising lunchtime walks, and setting up cycle-to-work schemes. The latter is especially impactful in Ireland as the bike to work scheme is available! Standing desks are gaining popularity so that staff can switch between sitting and standing as they work.

Another initiative is conducting meetings while standing! There are numerous benefits to standing meetings.

  • Sitting meetings on average last 34% longer than standing!
  • Standing meetings engage people more than seated
  • Standing meetings encourage collaboration and creativity

While standing meetings are not always feasible it may be an idea to start the meeting standing e.g while reading out previous minutes.

So, is it time your office gave standing meetings a go?!