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Used Herman Miller Aeron Chair

I’m not sure about you but at the age of 25 I have now joined the society of lower back pain . I blame the pain on 19 years of been stooped over playing hockey and my general lurch posture. What have I done to combat this? Not much to be honest besides my mother telling me to straigten my shoulders – straighten your… STOP!

So what advice can I offer my fellow folk with back issues. Well if you’re like me and you like to sit or you work at a desk I need a chair that’s comfortable, adustable and something I can swivel on – the requirement to swivel is a must (that’s when all my best thinking is done). I’ve tried out a lot of the seating in the office from the standard swivel chair that’s perfect for work that doesn’t involve long periods of sitting. I’ve tried the 24 hour swivel chair that groves to your back just right and is delightful to sit on. Then I sat in the chair that I really really want (hint hint Dermot!!). The Herman Miller Aeron chair. Now this is a swivel among swivels. Firstly, its very eye catching with its ultra modern sleek design. Secondly, its comfortable. Seriously, I could sit on it watching Netflix. Finally, it’s totally adjustable so you adjust the settings to suit you.

The Aeron chair has grown in popularity. Why you may ask? Quite frankly because it’s one of the best chairs in the business. The chair itself is all adjustable – forward and back tilt on most models, lumbar support, adjustable arms, height adjustable, additional lumbar support if wanted (yes please!) and breathable fabric. Delightful. I won’t lie, the chair isn’t cheap, but as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Starting prices for a used version start from €449 plus vat and prices go all the way up to €1000 plus vat .https://usedaeronireland.ie/shop/

I hope you have found this helpful if you’re looking for an office chair or you’re just “pro” sitting check us out!

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