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 Reception Solutions – What colour to select?

In a previous blog, July 25th, we had a general look at the use of colour in home offices and in rooms in general. We will now look at the use of colour in Reception areas and offices in general. As already stated, colour can affect the way people feel, and in this case, your visitors need to feel relaxed and welcomed. With this in mind, interior designers recommend the use of green or blue as they tend to have a calming effect on people. People in your reception area may have to wait a while, or they may be there for a job interview, so keeping them calm is all important. Some designers say that red and yellow can make some people feel anxious, while others can become aggressive when faced with the colour red, something to think about, perhaps! If your company has a logo it is worth bearing in mind its colours so they don’t clash with your walls or furniture. Interior designers actually recommend using colours associated with your business in your décor. Visitors need to be occupied while they are waiting so having reading material available is very important. You can display information about your business but also remember to keep some magazines to hand to help visitors pass the time.Griffin Office Solutions have a wide range of reception solutions including tables that are perfect for displaying reading material. View our range online or visit our showrooms for ideas. You might also consider displaying some art on your walls as this can provide a welcome distraction for some!