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Creating a productive office space


Imagine, you have an empty space and you are tasked to fill it! You want it to tick all the boxes – it has to be functional i.e. suitable for the tasks to be carried out within. You want it to look good but most importantly you want it to be a space which will allow people to collaborate and therefore increase productivity. That’s not too much to ask for is it!!

Many factors can influence how productive or even how unproductive a team of employees can be on any day be it a Monday or a Friday. Undoubtedly the environment in which the team are working can certainly have an impact on their productivity levels.

There is certainly more to office design than meets the eye. Its more than how to arrange the chairs or the desks. You must factor in things such as is there opportunity for collaboration? Is there private space for people who need to take calls etc.?.

In the upcoming blogs we will be discussing things that may impact on office design and therefore how productive a space it actually is.