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An open plan office

Open plan offices are the way forward. It is well known that offices are for the most part not conducive to collaboration. However, the discussion on said is becoming more and more popular as every year passes and offices are now leaning towards having a more “unified” work space.

Your typical office space is composed rows of desks, one after the other, to allow for maximum capacity.

Owen Gough of Growth business.co.uk tells us that

Robert Hicks, group HR director at global employee engagement company, Reward Gateway, says, ‘Moving into 2018, organisations should be focusing on their office layout and design in order to engage their employees. Workspace is one of the key elements to an engaged workforce and you have to cater for individuals and tasks.

‘Having a workspace that’s designed to help build relationships between people and between teams will be key for companies in the coming years. For example, by having no fixed desks and no individual offices (as in, none of the leadership team have their own office space), it results in a reduction in hierarchy and builds relationships.

Credit http://www.growthbusiness.co.uk/curve-2018-office-design-trends-2552900/

The layout and design of any office is of the utmost importance. Group work, collaboration and sharing of ideas is undoubtedly the way forward and these ideas and practices should not be impeded by a poorly designed office space.