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Future proofing your office furniture

office furniture

office furniture

Group work and collaboration The days of rows of office desks and chairs are becoming a thing of the past. Interaction between co-workers has been recognised as a means of becoming more productive and therefore producing better quality work. Encouraging people to collaborate can be done in all areas of the office from breakout rooms to the tables. Technology is undoubtedly a huge part of any office but be sure to not let it take over in terms of wires! Invest in cable tidies, under desk baskets, vertical cable guides to tidy away the clutter as cluttered desks affect productivity and also give the appearance of a messy office. Breakout areas Many offices now see people working off laptops and tablets. Areas where people can sit on comfortable furniture such as bean bags can help them to refresh and re energise. Many companies are moving away from the conventional desk and chair and are heading towards cool and different breakout areas. Check out some of our breakout furniture http://griffinoffice.ie/canteen-breakout/ A desk can be more than just a desk Sit-stand workstations are becoming more and more popular meaning you do not have to sit down all day and many different people can use the same station. Future proof your office Things change on a day to day basis. Technology and working practices are making huge advances. To remain efficient and competitive one must keep up to date with these advances.

  • Invest in good quality office furniture for example sit-stand workstations. This will help to save money in the long run
  • As discussed single use desks are becoming a thing of the past. Invest in multi-purpose workstations and areas.

Here at Griffin Office we are constantly looking out for fantastic designs and the latest office furniture trends. Be sure to keep an eye on our website for great deals on both new and used office furniture.