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New Years Resolution – New Office Design


Thinking about a fresh start to the new year?


2016 is coming to a close which can only mean it’s time to start thinking about resolutions. Think about your goals for 2017 and also get yourself organised! Start your search for an organised new year by beginning to think about your home office space. Every home needs a space where you can run the home from, organise bills and so on.


If you have a home office already or you are thinking about setting up one for the new year there are a few things to start thinking about. Is the space a place where you will be inspired to work? Do you have the right furniture? Table, chair, filing, storage etc. Do you have enough storage space? Is it in an area where you can accomplish work? Do you have the right light fixtures?


The first thing to do is to organise any clutter you have!


The first thing to do is to find a space that works for you whether it be the spare room, a living room or a corner with a desk and chair! After you’ve set up your home office, create a filing system for information that pertains to you and your family members. Each member of your family should have a folder labeled with their name! Why not assign a different color to each family member to make it easy to locate their files. Keep files to hand for things that pop up regularly such as ESB bills, phone bills, TV and internet etc.


Office furniture has come a long way over the past few decades. No longer do desks have to be an eyesore! Your home office can blend flawlessly and effortlessly with the rest of your home!


Tune in next week for more new years office furniture resolutions!


Wishing all our customers a happy and peaceful new year from all here at Griffin Office Solutions.