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2017, has seen the Herman Miller Aeron chair get an update.


In this blog we are continuing our discussion on the new Herman Miller chair. 

You can make numerous adjustments to this new model. Apart from adjusting the height of the seat and the back support, you can also adjust the position of the lumbar support, the armrests and the tilt of the backrest.

It has a new tilt mechanism together with a new suspension system using the latest technology. It is said to be more “lively”, more responsive and more sensitive to the weight and size of the user. This has come about because of the changes to the suspension seat, which is still made from a fabric mesh, which as we know allows the body to breathe and allows the user’s weight to be distributed evenly, but this can now be adjusted in different zones to suit the user. It also has better spine support with new adjustments for the back. It has two pads, the primary sacral support and the secondary lumbar support, both of which can be adjusted by the user. The tilt of the frame has also been altered to allow a better range of positions for the user. It is also lighter in weight than previous models and the new shade is simply exquisite!

In short, it appears to be a whole new experience, and as Chadwick says, “it is a chair of today and tomorrow”.