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Herman Miller Mirra 2

Yes, that is right! The Mirra 2 is back in stock but not for long! With only three available be sure to grab them before they’re gone!

Not sure what the Mirra is? Read on for more detail!  If you have any queries please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist!

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Herman Miller Mirra 2

What is the Mirra 2?

You may have heard of the Herman Miller Mirra 2 the second version of the original Mirra chair. The first Mirra has become a familiar feature in many offices over the past ten years.

However, with changes in technology and the way in which people work this called for a need to update the Mirra chair. The Mirra 2 was born and it came fully equipped with the most up to date technology and is extremely suitable for the office of today.

Herman Miller joined forces with Studio 7.5 and looked to change the Mirra. Starting from the top of the chair and working downwards the chair was changed in almost all aspects. They worked with critical eyes and rebuilt the chair to allow it to take its place again in the family of Herman Miller chairs.

The Mirra 2 sports a lot of new features that include:

Dynamic Support: This was completely reinvented. The harmonic tilt provides balanced support when you switch positions. It allows your body to move freely and naturally. Mirra 2’s Loop Spine provides torsional flex, allows you to stretch and reach laterally, while the Harmonic 2 tilt provides a smooth, balanced feel as you recline.

Superior Alignment: The Butterfly Back on the Mirra 2, a hybrid design of polymer veins and merged fabric layers, means intuitive ergonomic response for a healthier workday.

Lightweight Construction:  Herman Miller has a commitment to environmental responsibility, the Mirra 2 is 22 percent lighter than the original Mirra and is 25 percent smaller.

The award winning Herman Miller Mirra 2 office chair has an attractive design. The chair offers ergonomic support and this ensures a healthy sitting posture.  This chair designed to support your back while you work, it adapts naturally to your body type. The TriFlex backrest effortlessly accommodating individual sizes, postures, and movements. The seat balances your weight perfectly, with breathable mesh cooling your body temperature.

If you’re looking for a quality chair then look no further!