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Meeting and Conference Room Layout Ideas Part IV

Welcome to part four and the final part of our blog series on meeting and conference room layout ideas. In todays blog we will be discussing the banquet style layout.

Banquet Style Layout

Similar to a dinner table setup, the banquet style room arrangement consists of round tables with participants facing inwards towards each other. If you are highlighting your event with a Gala Dinner, a formal meal, then your best option will probably be a round table setup though straight tables are also an option. Remember you may need to provide space for a stage, dance floor, maybe a band or DJ and food stations.

The circular seating allows guests to converse and get to know each other without the need to focus attention on a central focal point e.g. stage or platform however straight tables are also an option.

Round Banquet Tables

Seating with round tables will cater for up to 12 at a table.


  • Rounds typically offer the largest seating capacity.
  • Allows table partners to converse without having to strain their neck.
  • Often rounds have a central pedestal. Avoids discomfort when legs get in the way.


  • For functions that feature a guest speaker, some attendees will have their backs turned to the stage. This can be overcome by removing 2 seats.

Straight Tables


  • More guests can be accommodated on the same table.
  • All guests will face in the same direction if there is a speaker or entertainment.


  • Takes up more floor space per person than rounds.
  • Extra legs can often get in the way of guests.

Whether the purpose is for a meeting, in-person or video conferences, product launches, keynote speeches or training presentations, it is important not to overlook the arrangement of the room to ensure maximum productivity for all those in attendance.