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Meeting and Conference Room Layout Ideas Part III

Welcome to part three of our blog series on meeting and conference room layout ideas. In todays blog we will be discussing classroom layout.

Classroom style layout

Tables are configured in parallel rows across the conference room, facing the presenter at the front of the room. Chairs are then positioned behind the tables, facing the front. This layout supports interaction between the speaker and participants but not between participants themselves. This layout is commonly used for training sessions or workshops.

Tables or desks can be used by guests for jotting down notes or using their laptops with ease and the layout can help to maximise space with tables and desks so it is ideal for larger groups.

While this layout is convenient in many ways, this room setup requires careful planning to ensure each participant’s line of vision is clear and that all participants can become properly engaged with the content that is being delivered.


  • All seats are facing the front of the conference room.
  • A fairly good layout for maximising conference room floor space.


  • Difficult to work in groups, with guests largely confined to their seating rows.
  • Guests may associate the set up with being back at school, and therefore feel spoken to, rather than part of an open discussion.
  • Strategically placing aisles around the room to aid access can be tricky.