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What material is the right choice?

Welcome to part two of our blog series on walnut furniture.

In this blog we will be discussing what exactly walnut is and why it is a good purchase!

Walnut is a straight-grained hardwood material (this means that the tree itself loses its leaves in the autumn and winter) that ranges from chocolate brown (when it’s from the center of the tree) to yellow (from the outer portion of the tree)

(Credit: https://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/decorating/different-types-wood#walnut)

For more traditional style furniture walnut is a solid choice! However, walnut is not found in many contemporary design features. However, follow this link to get an insight into the extremely creative ways in which walnut is been used in more modern designs.


So now that you know what walnut is, why buy it?

It is strong, durable and long lasting material. It is a wood that can be carved easily and does not lose its shape easily!

“Walnut furniture can easily last a lifetime. All it takes is the proper care and maintenance. Larry Frye, the executive director of the American Walnut Manufacturers Association, in Zionsville, Ind., claims that the durability of walnut is the primary reason that it has remained a popular wood for furniture makers worldwide, according to the Oakley Woods Web site.”

Credit: https://www.thespruce.com/buying-walnut-furniture-1976922

Stay tuned for our final blog in this series where we will be detailing what Griffin Office Solutions has to offer in walnut furniture!