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How to make your employees happier and more productive in the workplace

Much has been written about the importance of developing good working relationships among employees and the positive benefits that result from same.

There are many ways to build and develop strong positive relationships among people at work, even with people that you might not be too fond of or have much in common with.

Why are good relationships in the workplace so important?

Well we all know that we, as people, are by nature social beings. We like to develop friendships and the positive outcomes that result from these interactions have many beneficial outcomes on the individual. Therefore the more positive our relationship with our fellow workers/colleagues is, the happier and more productive we are at our jobs. It then follows that work becomes more enjoyable and people are more likely to be open to and accept change – change being an ongoing reality in this high tech age.

If there is a good relationship among employees then people are more willing to share thoughts, ideas etc. about work issues with colleagues, without the fear of being ridiculed or laughed at. This can lead to people becoming more imaginative, innovative and creative and this can only be good for business.