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Lighting in the office part 2


Welcome to our second blog on light in the office. In our previous blog we discussed how light is a key factor when designing an office space. In fact, factoring in natural light is sometime overlooked. 

Light is a huge factor to consider when designing an office space.

When the light in an area is not right we are all aware of the consequences. That being, most commonly, headaches, and who likes a headache!

Dim light can place a unnecessary strain on your eyes causing a headache. A headache, is an inconvenience and can result in lower productivity levels and also make you feel quite tired and unfocused.

Strong, harsh lighting is on much of a par with dim lighting with aliments including eye strain and even migraine headaches.

According to Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer, “Our cortisol levels drop significantly under artificial or poor lighting conditions. That means that we’ll be more stressed, and have less ability to stabilize our energy levels.”

One of the answers to bad lighting?

It has to be natural light.

Credit: inc.com

Stay tuned for our next blogs in our series on light in the office where we will discuss natural and artificial light.

Thank you for reading!