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Light in the office


As I write this, I’m at home under an extremely bright light! Of course, lighting at home will vary hugely when compared to lighting in the office. If you don’t like lighting set up in the office you are not on your own. According to inc.com, a study that was conducted by the American Society of Interior Designers showed that sixty eight percent of employees were not happy with the lighting in their offices. This is an extremey large figure and the conclusion that may be drawn from it is that lighting is in fact an ergonomics problem and not a personal problem. 


In previous blogs we have discussed how furniture layout, colour scheme, types of furniture all have an impact on the ergonomics of an office. However, one key factor that is very much overlooked and not really thought about enough is the issue of light. We need correct and sufficient lighting in order to carry out our day to day tasks whether it be looking at a screen or making a presentation. Lighting is a huge factor to consider when designing an office space.

In the upcoming blog we will be discussing lighting in the office in more detail.