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The Herman Miller Celle Chair


The chair that “fits like a glove”.


Featuring a stunning design, as is the norm with all of Herman Miller’s office chair range, the Herman Miller Celle Task Chair is extremely comfortable, durable and supportive as well. One of the key highlights of this office chair is that as you lean back, the Celle’s tilt will immediately ensure that your lower back isn’t pulled away from the backrest. This wonderful feature will ensure that you are kept balanced and supported as you move naturally through the chair’s 28-degree recline range.

The work environment is a busy place and therefore, we place demands on our office chairs. Expectations are high for work chairs especially if these chairs are used by a variety of individuals, very frequently. You need a chair you can rely on to stand up to this high usage load. The Celle chair is a chair that is dependable and is built for heavy use. The chair, designed by Jerome Caruso, provides supportive comfort for all users.

The Celle chair gets its name from the cellular suspension. This chair made up of cells and loops, that provides ergonomic, responsive support regardless of your body type. The cellular suspension allows individual cells to flex as necessary, conforming to your shape, weight, and movement.

With its comfortable proportions and very durable construction, the Celle chair accommodates 90 percent of the global population and is rated for people up to 159 kilograms. A full range of adjustment controls allows you to personalize the fit.