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How to make your employees happier and more productive in the workplace

Welcome to part two of four!


In an office where an employee has “issues” with another worker, this can lead to negative feelings and is ultimately time wasting as an employee may become preoccupied with the “issues” rather than focusing on his/her workload. Most of us will have some degree of experience of this situation and its impact on others not actually involved. This impact often takes the form of being expected to take “sides” which is unwanted and unnecessary and can lead to a very negative atmosphere that is the last thing an employer needs.

So what can be done about this?

If you are involved, then it is recommended that you speak directly to the person you have the issue with and sort out the problem, keeping it between yourselves. You should not go looking for support for your point of view from other colleagues or you will cause even more division.

Most of us, at some time or other, will have to work with someone we don’t like or have little in common with. Be this as it may, we should cultivate and maintain a professional relationship with him/her. It is recommended that you try to

get to know the person better by asking genuine questions about their lives, where they worked before, hobbies etc. in an effort to improve your relationship. Both of you may be fully aware that you will never be “besties”, but you can carve out a positive working relationship.


Stay tuned for part three where we discuss good relationships in the office.