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Are you currently working from home and looking to make your workspace feel just that little bit bigger?

There are many things that you can do to make a space appear bigger than it actually is.

First up, you can make a change the colour of your walls and ceilings.

The first thing we do when decorating a room is choose paint for the walls and ceiling. If your space is small then it is recommended that you select a light or neutral colour. Some people opt for white because of its reflective properties thereby making the room feel bright and airy. Remember you don’t have to choose brilliant white as most paint companies nowadays have numerous shades of white with a soft hint of colour, ranging from “Apple white”, which has a very slight green hue, to “Barley white” which is a much warmer white, to “Linen white”, “Antique white”, “Designer white”, etc. It is recommended you use tester pots to make sure you like the tone of the paint before you buy. Select whichever colour appeals to your taste and remember to view the colour at night under artificial light as well as in natural light.

Using the same colour on the ceiling as the walls causes the eye to look up and makes the ceiling appear taller than it actually is, further enhancing the feeling of space in the room. White/ soft whites are also excellent colours for highlighting architectural features of a room. Some people may feel that white is too cold a colour, but remember you can warm up a room with furniture, flooring etc.

 In the next blog we will be discussing how flooring can impact how large a room appears!

Stay tuned for part 2 !