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Get active part 5

Welcome to part five in our series of blogs on the health benefits of activity and risks of inactivity in the office – It’s time to get active!! 

In our last blog we discussed how been inactive in the office has a close association with obesity. In this weeks blog we will be discussing how activity can reduce the risk of Type II diabetes and other problems associated with metabolism. 

Obesity is not the only problem that is associated with sitting. Dr. James Levine carried out more studies and found that if a person sits for long periods of time the body becomes less effective at regluating glucose levels in the blood. 

In a study carried out just under ten years ago the results found that those who were sitting for long periods of the day had dramatically higher levels of fasting blood sugar. This means that cells in the body did not respond as effectively to insulin as they should. Insulin, a hormone helps with the absorption of glucose from the blood. This results in higher glucose levels in the blood which can lead to diabetes. 

Stay tuned for part 6 in our series of health benefits of office activity

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