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The different types of office chairs made by Herman Miller.

Herman Miller is well known for the production of the Aeron chair but what are the other types of seating they sell. Having well over 100 chairs in the line I have selected three to discuss in todays blog!

office chairs

office chairs


The first chair is the “Embody” chair.

This chair was designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber. They decided to design this chair with the aim of creating “harmony” between a person and the technology they were using. They saw the lack of “harmony” as dedtrimental to our health as only moving over fingers caused the body to become stiff resulting in the person becoming tired. The two men saught the help of physicians and experts in the fields of biomechanics, physical therapy and ergonomics. The seat and back of the chair naturally conforms to the smallest of movements that your body makes. The result was a chair that allowed for even distribution of pressure, excellent natural body allignment and of course support.

The second chair is the Eames Executive chair

This Eames executive chair is also know as Time life chairs. This chair was created in 1960 for three extremely modern lobbies in the Time Life building in New York City. Charles Eames believed in the finer details of the product having stated that “details are not details; they make the product”. The chair itself is of a good size, it has an aluminum frame and base. The decoration of the chair is intricate with detailed leather donning buttons and excellent details on the chairs edge.

The third and final chair I will discuss in today’s blog is the Setu chair.

The inspiration behind the Setu chair was simply observation. The idea for the chair was hatched in Studio 7.5 in Berlin. The chair itself was designed to be used in less formal workspaces. It has durable arms, uncoated H-Alloy base, the chair itself was designed and re designed until everything “fell” correctly into place. The back of the chair was deigned to control resistance whilst also supporting the persons weight when they reclined. Like the “Embody” chair it works with your body to give you support where you need it.