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This week we continue our discussion on the factors to consider when choosing conference chairs 


Chair materials are many and varied. These include leather, vinyl, wood, various fabrics, mesh and metal. Your budget and style will be the deciding factors when it comes to material selection. Leather is often selected because it is both durable and soft, while vinyl is often a cheaper alternative to leather, giving you the look of leather without the price tag. The world is your oyster when it comes to fabrics with a vast range of colours and textures to choose from for conference chairs.

Metal and mesh offer more modern designs and provide some of the best ergonomic designed chairs around.


The majority of people prefer Boardroom/Conference/Meeting room chairs with casters to allow people to move and turn freely. Here again quality is all important and it is recommended that you select castors to suit your floor covering. If you have a soft floor covering then you should select a hard castor and vice versa.

Meeting room. Think Herman Miller Aeron which epitomizes ergonomics! We have a large selection of used Herman Miller Aeron chairs to choose from and at prices that will surprise you. We also stock other ranges and designs of chairs, so visit our web site or call to our show rooms to view all our options.

The adage “You get what you pay for” is indeed a true one, and quality comes at a price. However, have you considered used furniture? We at Griffin Office Solutions have a range of quality used conference chairs which would be perfect for your office!