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Choosing the right office chair 2/2

Fully Loaded Aeron Chair

Fully Loaded Aeron Chair

In this weeks blog we will continue on from the theme of last weeks blog – what to look for when purchasing an office chair. A comfortable and supportive office chair is an important investment for any business/person for the current and future health of employees and of course the user.

Some key points to remember when purchasing a chair are:




  • Back support

  • Arm support

  • Seat comfort

  • Mobility

  • Durability

Back support

A chair that has a higher back offers great support for your whole spine. The office chair to look out for is a chair that has lumbar support, height adjustment and tilt movement. The aim is to have your feet flat on the floor. Ensure your chair has sufficient back support to prevent issues with your back in the future.

Arm support

Look out for an office chair that has adjustable arms. Often arm rests are not thought of an important feature but they do play a key role in preventing shoulder, upper back and neck issues.
Seat comfort

You should be able to sit comfortably in your office chair. It should be wide enough to fit your body so as to allow for even distribution of weight.

Especially in an office environment chairs on castors are a must. The chair can therefore be moved around the office with ease. Also adjustable height features allow the chair to be used with desks of different heights


As discussed in the previous blog it is important that you see your new office chair as a longterm investment. You really don’t want to have to replace your chair after a few months.   Invest in high quality office chairs and save yourself money in the future.

Remember the benefits of a quality chair. Avoid neck, back, shoulder problems by investing wisely.