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Arguably the office chair is the most important item of office furniture.

Office Chair

Office Chair

On average, an individual working in an office environment spends approximately 40 hours a week in their office chair. Taking out holidays, weekends etc. that sums up to approx. 2000 hours per year. When you think of how many years a person works this adds up to a lot of time. This is why it is so important to choose a good quality chair. Nowadays we are spending even more time at home in front of a computer so it is important to get a chair that is supportive and comfortable for both at home and the office.

Despite the time we spend seated on average more money is spent on an office desk rather than on a chair. Choosing office furniture based on price is a false economy because eventually you will end up having to replace it.

Studies have show that an office chair which is supportive increases the productivity of the person sitting on it and also improves their efficiency.

It has also been found that a poor quality office chair leads to many problems including neck and back pain, issues with legs and carpal tunnel all of which lead to less productivity. If you choose the wrong option the implications can be huge for your business from medical conditions resulting in employees taking sick days.

Therefore, an office chair of good quality is an important investment for the current and future health of employees and of course you. Put posture first. At Griffin Office we are on hand to help you choose an office chair which is right for you and meets your needs and budgets.