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The Aerons design sees a natural curve in the back of the chair that provides excellent lumbar support. An extra in the form of an additional lumbar support pad is available for those who require more support in the lower back area. Additional lumbar support pads are available in both size B and size C. 

Affix this unit to the frame of your Classic Aeron (manufactured before October 2016) and to adjust it to your back’s natural curve. To determine size of chair, feel under the back-frame edge near top corner: one bump is A, two is B, and three bumps in a triangle is C.

What is lumbar support?

In short, lumbar support is a way of providing support to the muscles and skeletal structure of the lower back. Lumbar support is used to provide sufficient support to your lower back while you are sitting down.

Why is lumbar support important?

Many chairs now have a back and seat that is designed in such a way as to provide for proper alignment of the lower back and to relieve stress on muscles located in the lower back area.

How do I adjust the height of the lumbar pad?

Place both hands on each end of the lumbar support pad. Using equal pressure lower and raise the pad to the desired position. Ensure that the pad stays within the adjustment track. The height of the pad should be so that it comfortably supports the natural curve of your spine.

Need more support from your lumbar pad? Adjust the depth of the lumbar pad

You will notice that one side of the lumbar pad is thicker than the other side. To change this around use equal pressure on each end of the pad to remove it from the adjustment track at the back of the chair. Turn the pad over to the thicker side and place it back on the adjustment track. Ensure that the pad rests comfortably and support the natural curve of your spine.

Any other information?

Chairs with lumbar support are good for individuals who spend a lot of time at a desk or working on a computer. Adequate back support is essential to not only relieve stress on muscles but for correct posture also.