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Boost your productivity


Get organised get productive


We all get distracted. It’s human! In this weeks blog we will be discussing some ways to boost your work rate! 


Environment is a key factor when discussing being productive. If you work from home, have your own personal office at work, have your own cubicle or work in an open plan office space the place where you conduct your work must be a space where you can concentrate on what you need to do and block out any distractions! Easier said than done sometimes!


Research has proven that the environment you are in has a direct impact on your ability to focus and maintain productivity levels. Bearing this in mind here are a few tips ( research based) that can help you create a work space that is more favourable to getting work done!


Do you really need it on your desk?


Yes, we are all guilty of accumaliating clutter . Not always a bad thing, clutter has its positives and negatives. Research has shown that having a messy desk can help us to think more creativly. However, if you’re concentrating on a task as opposed to thinking up ideas a cluttered workspace can have a negative impact and cause you to become distracted!


A study conducted by researchers at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that clutter limits your brain’s ability to process information. So, want to boost those productivity levels? Clean that desk, get rid of what isn’t needed and get organised!!



Credit: https://born2invest.com/articles/ways-organize-your-workspace-productivity/