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We continue our series on the boardroom table. In last weeks blogs we discussed what table would work best depending on the size of the office/ room it is in. In the following blogs we will be talking about different shapes of tables and hopefully this will help you to select the best one for you!! 


In today’s blog we will be talking about square or rectangular tables. 

Square or Rectangular Tables

As stated, rectangular and square tables tend to be more traditional choices. At a glance they show where the two most important people in the company sit – at both ends. This can be very helpful for new clients,who may not be familiar with company personnel,to identify the CEO etc.

A rectangular table provides adequate space for everyone, whereas an oval shaped one has less space available at both ends. If you have a bigger than usual gathering then it is possible, and quite easy, to join two square or rectangular tables together to accommodate all.


In the next blog we will be discussing round and tapered tables.