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Artificial Lighting

In our previous blog we discussed the importance of natural lighting. In fact, natural lighting has an impact, firstly on, how well you can see but it also impacts upon how you’re feeling i.e. your mood and your energy levels. 

In this final blog in our “Lighting Series” we will discuss artificial light sources and make some recommendations that you may wish to implement in your own office!! 

Artificial Lighting Solutions

Apart from natural lighting, lamps and over head lighting are the other options to help illuminate your office space.

Energy saving bulbs can be a better alternative to standard fluorescent lights. In fact standard fluorescent lights can be a source of headache and also sick leaves. This translates to lower productivity levels and affects your employees over all health.

Energy saving bulbs can help to reduce strain on eyes and also the risk of suffering from headaches and migraines.

Also, the use of energy saving bulbs will show that your company is environmentally aware! Switching can help reduce your carbon footprint and also lower the cost of your companies electricity bills! Win!

I hope you enjoyed our series on lighting! Stay tuned for our next blog. Coming soon!! Thank you for reading.