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We the re-design of the Herman Miller Aeron chair we have decided to look back on the “original” Aeron. In this weeks blog we will discussing some of the key features of the Aeron.


The main features of the Herman Miller Aeron chair is its lumbar support, forward and back tilt, the ability to adjust arm height and seat height and a tension lever.


Here is some information on a few of the key features of the Aeron.


Arm Height

Correct armrest height is one of the key components of a comfortable chair. Armrests are in place to help avoid tension in the shoulders, neck and arms therefore giving you a comfortable sitting experience.


Lumbar support

The Aerons design sees a natural curve in the back of the chair that provides excellent lumbar support. An extra in the form of an additional lumbar support pad is available for those who require more support in the lower back area.


Forward Tilt

Forward tilt is usually engaged when you are performing intensive tasks such as typing on a keyboard. Enage the forward tilt on your Aeron to support your thighs declined posture when performing task such as typing on a keyboard.



Tilt Limiter


It allows you to select the tilt range of the Aeron so you are not “stuck” in just one position while you are seated. Engage the lever when you want to either sit in an upright position or a slightly reclined position.



In next weeks blog we will be discussing the re-worked Herman Miller Aeron.