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Yes you read that correctly! As discussed in previous blogs the negative impacts of sitting for long periods of time have been well documented. Activity should, and must be a core part of our everyday lives. It is best to switch from sitting to standing frequently throughout the day, however, something else that you might find yourself in a position to implement is the use of different types of chairs.

Specific seating, known as ergonomic seating (such as the Herman Miller Aeron chair) helps for example, to improve your posture. In general, being active and moving your body helps to improve concentration and energy levels, which can only be a positive thing!

There are a variety of active seating options available and these include balance chairs, Pilates stools and also, balance balls. By using these seating options your body is forced to work to keep itself in an upright due to the fact that these seats, by their very nature, are unstable!

In addition, another option is a desk bike which allows you to pedal while you type!

As with anything new, start small! Try out a half an hour a day and build up the time. The active chair option is there to compliment the chair you already have in place not to completely replace it!

Thank you for reading!