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Active Office 

Welcome to part three in our series of blogs on the health benefits of activity and risks of inactivity in the office – why is an active office needed?

In our last two blogs we discussed briefly some benefits of been more active in the office. In the following blogs we will delve in to more detail!

So far scientists have found a number of benefits to been active in the office these include and wil be discussed in next weeks blog

–          Reduced risk of obesity

–          Reduced risk of type II diabetes

–          Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

–          Reduced risk of cancer 

Today we will discuss – reduced risk of obesity. 

Why do some people gain weight and why don’t others? According to research carried out by Dr. James Levine it all has to do with activity. Dr. Levine gathered a group of office workers would were relatively inactive and placed them all on the same diet. This diet contained approximately one thousand more calories than they had been previously eating. Another catch was was put in place was that Dr. Levine did not allow the participants to change their exercise habits.

Want to know what the result was? Stay tuned for next weeks blog!!! 

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