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Office Activity part four 

Welcome to part four in our series of blogs on the health benefits of activity and risks of inactivity in the office – office activity. 

In our last blog we began to discuss how been more active can reduce your risk of obesity. 


To recap briefly Dr. James Levine placed sedentary office workers on a diet of an additional one thousand calories. The outcome of the test is coming your way!! 

Unsurprisingly some people gained weight however, more surprisingly other participants remained unchanged. What did researchers then did was monitored the participants movements using specialised sensors. The outcome….. incredible! Although all participants carried out a desk job some participants were not sitting all day! In fact, the participants who did not gain weight were more active. They were walking around on average 2.25 hours more than the participants who gained weight. There may not seem to be a lot of opportunities for activity in the office but Dr. Levine makes some good points – 

“During all of our days, there are opportunities to move around substantially more,” Levine says, mentioning things as mundane as walking to a colleague’s office rather than emailing them, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. credit: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/


Levine continues to stress that if we do not seize opportunities for activity the result is a close association with obesity. 

Stay tuned for part 5 in our series of health benefits of office activity

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