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How to make your employees happier and more productive in the workplace

Welcome to part three of four! 

What makes good relationships at work?

Psychologists say that trust is the basis of any good relationship. If you find that your colleagues “have your back” then it is said that you will be happier, focused and more productive in your work.

Each of us has a responsibility to respect our fellow workers. None of us likes to be slighted or have our ideas casually dismissed or overlooked. Therefore, to develop good relationships, all opinions, ideas etc. need to be taken on board and discussed. In this case it is not, “too many cooks spoil the broth”, but rather the opposite!

There is nothing more frustrating in any workplace than a lack of communication. For a business to thrive, everyone needs to be informed of all relevant information, news etc. pertinent to their job. Often, this lack of communication may be unintentional, but the results can be very negative with people speculating, arriving at negative conclusions and perhaps, feeling excluded. None of these feelings help with good relationships. So, keep people informed of relevant matters – so easy to do via email, Whats app etc.- and avoid strained relationships.


We will continue our discussion on how to make good relationships at work in our next blog s stay tuned!